Han is a Korean word with no English translation. It's used to describe a combination of rage, grief and regret — a feeling so powerful, some believe you can die from it. To many Koreans, han is part of the cultural DNA. Once you know what it is, you see it everywhere, from Korean movies to the unofficial national anthem. But I only came across the term only recently. Were my family keeping it from me? And is it possible that I’ve inherited something I never even knew existed?

This documentary was produced as part of the CBC Radio Doc Mentorship program.

Bonnie Flatt has always done everything right. She spent nearly three decades of her life planning ahead, rarely asking for help and never allowing herself to make any mistakes along the way. So why did she end up reinventing herself at the age of 52?

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Jane and Finch is a northwest Toronto neighbourhood that has been historically plagued by negative stereotypes. We meet members from Jane-Finch On the Move, a grassroots group that aims to shed the stigma surrounding the diverse community they call home.